I offer many different ways to serve you with my 40 horse power tractor, zero turn mower and weedwacker. ¬†I have a snowplow and if you are located in the Williston Village area I can plow snow or other materials¬†for you (I can travel for plowing of other materials such as stone or gravel leveling ). I can travel for all my other work. I do mowing with my 5′ mower and weed wacking. I also do brush hogging I have a 5′ brush hog, I have a 5 1/2′ scraper blade that I do grading work with as well. I do all kinds of loader work with my 5′ bucket or pallet forks I also do anything you need with my tractor, like I said I have the brush hog, scraper blade, bucket, and a plow for snowplowing and I also have pallet forks. Anything you need done or if you have any questions about what I can do you can call me (at 802-540-5090) and I can come and give you a estimate for anything you need done, I do professional work for a price you will love.