Farm Fresh Eggs from EWB Sugaring

Our Farm Fresh Eggs Are: In Stock!

When we’re not busy sugaring, we also raise chickens!! We have a spacious coop in our back yard with a healthy and happy flock of GMO free chickens. We take them in when they are just a day old and raise them for their entire life. They wander freely through a big, fenced-in area where there are many other hens.

We collect their eggs daily – once in the morning, at noon and then around 4 p.m. The eggs get brought into our house and are sold within a day or two. Our friends and neighbors love them! These are not like store-bought eggs that sit in a cooler for a week, or even a month or two. They are fresh eggs collected daily that you know you can trust, and we know you will love!

Want to buy eggs? Contact us here or stop by 8225 Williston Rd!