About EWB Sugaring

Even though I’m young, I’ve been sugaring for 7 years!

I started my passion for sugaring in 2007. I started gathering buckets around my house with my mom and dad when I was only 4 years old. Starting with only 20 buckets, we have now grown to much more and are expanding each season. Although we have started sugaring with plastic tubing now, we’re still using the same buckets we started with. Though they might be a little more work, we wanted to stay true to our roots. Seven years later, we are still working together as a family and even have my cousin helping us out when we need it.

We are still small enough that we don’t have our own sugarhouse. Good thing we have a big family! We bring our sap over to my Uncle Joe’s sugarhouse. I help him by doing work around the sugarhouse and he helps me by boiling my syrup. As much fun as it is to spend time with my uncle, our hope is that someday that we will have or own sugarhouse and we will be boiling our own sap.

My uncle has his own boiler and Reverse Osmosis System. The Reverse Osmosis (or R.O.) removes around two-thirds of the water out of the sap and makes it more efficient to boil down to syrup. After the boiling process, we run the syrup through the filter press. That process does the final cleaning and then it’s ready to be canned! We package our maple syrup in jugs, making it easy to pour over pancakes and waffles.